We stood together - July 2021

11 - 18 July 2021 was a week that left South Africans bitter-sweet. 

Looting, stampeding and criminality shook the provinces of KwaZulu-Natal and part of Gauteng. Scenes of utter disbelief unfolded and caused local communities to arm up and protect themselves as policing wore thin against the mobs of looters.  With the world watching closely, parts of these provinces were destroyed and South Africa suddenly took 10 steps back into an economical fetal state. 
But then it simmered down... and communities replaced fear with UBUNTU! Standing side by side, communities stood as ONE defending their homes and families. Neighbours, who didn't know each other, now shared coffee together and rebuilding of community ensued, where no colour or creed prevailed... just UBUNTU! 
This spread into the cleanup operations of what looked like a war zone, now cleaner than ever! Proud camaraderie replaced the fear and the spirit of South Africans travelled throughout the world as we feed, shelter and stand by one another to rebuild.

The bitter-sweet: They thought we were week...but as a community, we stood strong TOGETHER!   


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